360 E-commerce

About the service

Everyone is into e-commerce, justifiably believing that’s where the future of their business is. That’s why they go online selling their products, either through leading commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. or through local ones. It’s important to note, however, that digital sales don’t end with loading a product into an Amazon store or even setting up that store. It is a significant strategic move that affects all organizational systems, requiring clear, accurate and responsible preparation, implementation, and execution.
Introducing the 360 E-commerce system, Israel’s leading training system to guide your enterprise step by step through setting up a comprehensive, safe and profitable digital sale system.
The 360 E-commerce system would prepare, guide, and set up all of your organization’s e-commerce activity, from sale channel analysis through marketing channel review, setting up supply chains, creating acquisition policies, book keeping, sales management, and customer service.

This process is done with close personal guidance and includes three main stages, starting with analysis of the company’s operations, generating a setup report with insights and areas of improvement followed by the creation of a system for the implementation, setup, guidance, and control of the entire process.

What do you get?


Motivating technology for leading brands