Digital Entrepreneurship Training

About the service

With the current pace of change in the business landscape, enterprises must establish training mechanisms to help keep their business relevant and modern.

Nir Zigdon’s training system offers courses, workshops, and lectures directly derived from the thousands of hours he has acquired in managing, setting up and implementing e-commerce systems in businesses and companies of all sectors. Through his courses, lectures, and workshops, Nir incorporates clear and detailed theoretical explanations with practical, actionable connections to the dynamic business landscape. Nir Zigdon’s training system includes sets of courses, tutorials, workshops, and lectures to ensure your enterprise’s digital connectivity.

The training system is headlined by Nir Zigdon’s flagship management course, a thorough, detailed course designed to implement the language of e-commerce and the digital world among the C-Suite, helping them ask the right questions and require relevant answers from employees and suppliers in the e-commerce and digital world. The training system also offers short workshops for department managers and employees, as well as short introductory lectures about the world of e-commerce.



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